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Coca i Fitó is an innovative, dynamic winery that creates singular wines, run by brothers, Toni and Miquel Coca i Fitó.

Toni Coca i Fitó, a well known Catalan winemaker has spent most of his life investigating and learning about viticulture. He has also striven to understand the mineral interaction between soil and vine as well as learning about the different grape varieties and their ability to age and interact with one another.

Miquel Coca i Fitó‘s professional training has lead him to gastronomy and other such beautiful things in life. His task here is to make a tailored suit for these jewels of wine, helping them to reveal the true beauty hidden within each bottle.

At Coca i Fitó, we have sought to achieve excellence in the development and enjoyment of wines which are capable of exciting and thrilling consumers. These are wines which speak to us and which lead us to converse with them. We wish to achieve something as simple as bringing a smile to the face of whoever opens, pours and drinks one of our wines.

The Coca i Fitó project started in 2006 in the DO (Designation of Origin) Montsant wine appellation. In 2010, in the search of the promise of White Grenache, the team started to make white wines in the DO Terra Alta. A year later, as if they still hadn’t got enough to do, they joined forces with some small grape growers in DO Empordà and started to make wines in this region too.

Thanks to the fact that these wines have been well received, this pair of intrepid entrepreneurs has seized any opportunity to start new projects and share their knowledge by working with other masters of the wine world. The latest dream come true has been making wines in the DO Ribeira Sacra and DOQ Priorat.

There are a diversity of factors that play part in winemaking at Coca i Fitó in order to achieve unique wines.  There are three principle elements: the mineral essence of varied soil types; the blending of varieties (while one varietal gives us fruit and volume, another will be used for structure and freshness); and ageing, where the same base wine can be aged in different types of barrels (types of wood and degree of toasting), amphorae, cement and stainless-steel tanks.

The driving idea behind the winemaking is to create wines where the freshness and fruit serve as a foundation for tasty, penetrating wines.  The use of an array of techniques to blend grapes from different varieties, even different soils, then using a wide variety of aging processes, allow for an infinity of nuances that take us further in our search for pleasure.  And it is in the search itself that we enjoy the experience!

Most of the grapes we use are our own, sourced from small vineyards worked in a sustainable manner. We want to take care of both the wine and the environment. To be honest, wine is basically the land and our emotions.

The drawings which decorate Coca i Fitó wine bottles are the work of illustrator, Oriol Malet. We have tried to transmit the essence of each wine in every design as well as describing the sensations which these can give, be it for their freshness, structure, joy or taste…

Rest assured that these two brothers will surprise us once again with new ideas that they are dreaming up!

We truly hope you will enjoy these great wines.