Tolo do Xisto

Tolo do Xisto - The River Sil and its Landscapes

DO Ribeira Sacra

A journey towards the Atlantic. This joint winemaking project between winemaker, Andrea Obenza and Coca i Fitó in the DO Ribeira Sacra began in 2013.

The Galician name which christens this project meaning “mad about slate”, tries to define the effort involved and the love of the land which are much needed when making wines in this area. It is a spectacular landscape of river gorges along the river Sil, where vineyards cling to the slate.


Tolo do Xisto

DO Ribera Sacra

A  half-aged red wine made within the DO Ribeira Sacra using the grape variety, Mencía. The winemaking process of this wine strives to transmit the mineral essence of the area through the different soils along the Sil river banks. A mineral almost salty wine is achieved which is aromatic, with good acidity. It is a penetrating wine with smooth tannins, acidic red fruit, balsamic notes, spices, but above all, it is very delicate with a long finish.


100% Mencía (35 to 50 year old vines)


4 months in French oak barrels.

Tolo do Xisto